DIY Ballerina Tutu

DIY Ballerina Tutu

Crafts of all sorts can be fun; but wearable crafts are a special kind of fun! Here are some ideas for craft projects that your kids can have fun wearing.

1. Tutus

How many little girls fantasize about wearing a tutu? The good news is, you don’t have to spend a bunch of money to get a tutu; you can make one at home. Here’s how.

* Scissors or a rotary cutter
* Measuring tape
* Ruler
* Strip of elastic, 1/2-inch wide and cut to fit around your child’s waist
* 6 to 8 yards of tulle (the net-like fabric that bridal veils are often made of)


Measure your child’s waist with the tape measure, then purchase/cut a piece of elastic that length. Cut the tulle into strips, approximately 6 inches wide x 18 inches long (you can make them longer if you like, or use different colors to make a multi-colored DIy ballerina tutu).

Lay 3 strips of tulle on top of each other, and fold them in half over the elastic. Tie the group of tulle strips into a knot over/around the elastic. Repeat this until the tulle strips are tied all the way around the elastic.

Here’s the only sewing part – when you come to the end of the elastic, sew the ends together by hand or with a machine. You can arrange the tulle to cover the stitched part.

Check out this simple tutorial on how to make your own DIY Ballerina Tutu!

Express your creativity and fashion sense with this DIY Ballerina Tutu tutorial. This easy to follow guide will give the simplest tips and effortless techniques in creating the cutest tutu skirt for your kids. Make your little girls smile, dance, and transform themselves into real ballerinas this Halloween season while wearing this magical piece of clothing.

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