Tips for Trick or Treating with Special Needs Kids

Tips for Trick or Treating with Special Needs Kids

While most of the kids can’t seem to wait to be in a Halloween costumes and go around the neighborhood for some candy, this season can be a source for anxiety or stress for parents of kids with special needs. Elaborate masks, crowds, lights and costumes could be overwhelming for them.  However, it does not mean they cannot have any fun during the Halloween season or on Halloween night. Here are some tips for Trick or Treating with Special Needs Kids:

• Choose a costume that will make your child visible even in the dark. More often than not, Halloween costumes have dark colors that make it difficult to spot kids while they are trick or treating.  If a dark costume cannot be avoided, have your child bring a glow stick or flashlight, or to put some reflective tape on parts of their costume.

• Double check to make sure your child can see fine with their costume or mask on. The hood or mask can be a hindrance and it’s important that they feel comfortable in their costumes and that their vision is not impaired.

•Familiarize the trick or treat route with your child to improve their safety. You can do this by running a test run during the day.

• To have a buddy system for your child is recommended.

•  Oversized capes or costumes can hinder your child while walking. Shorten these costumes if or when necessary. Also, you must ensure they wear warm and safe shoes for them to be comfortable.

• Have your child bring or carry a cell phone. If you need to reach your kid or vice versa, it will be very helpful.

•  As there are candles glowing, bonfires and pumpkins lit up everywhere, there is always the fire danger. Ensure that your kids have flame retardant Halloween costumes.

• There are many goblins, witches, skeletons and other spooky costumes, as well as scary decorations and sounds that may upset children. It is important that you talk to your kids about what they will experience this while trick or treating.

Let the kids with special needs participate in Trick or Treat activities in your neighborhood. BBe guided by these simple tips for trick or treating to ensure their welfare during the entire activity. Allow them to enjoy Halloween parties and to collect candies and chocolates which will surely make them happy. Dress them in the best and most appropriate costumes and let them shine bright despite their conditions.

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